Now offering: Affirm, QuadPay, Sezzle and ShopPay
Now offering: Affirm, QuadPay, Sezzle and ShopPay
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Vision & Values

Our vision is to be a household name in the male fashion industry by drawing on our passion for style, community, and knowledge to create and build menswear brands that define the discerning male customer and contribute to society's sustainable growth and development. 


  • Customer Service 

'Reyes' is Spanish for 'King,' representing our company's strong belief in the customer being king and rightfully so, since he is the sole reason for our existence. As such, we are committed to communicating with our customers, understanding their needs, and working with them to ensure our products suit their preferences and make them feel regal.


  • Quality 

At Reyes Room, we believe in the mantra that quality outlives cost. We are, therefore, committed to using the highest quality fabric, raw materials, and processes when producing our apparel and accessories to ensure we offer our customers the comfort and versatility they deserve.


  • Community 

The company recognizes its staff, their families, and the surrounding community's critical role in providing the right environment for it to operate and thrive. Therefore, we are committed to using part of our proceeds to uplift the community around us through programs that impart knowledge and skills such as entrepreneurship and stocks that young people can apply to achieve financial independence. We are also committed to protecting the environment and funding activities that promote social good.


  • Innovation and Creativity 

The fashion industry is highly dynamic. We are committed to maintaining innovativeness and creativity in our designs to ensure our clothing and accessories remain versatile, comfortable, and trendy.


  • Diversity

Reyes Room embraces diversity and acknowledges its significance in influencing its designs, production and marketing approaches, and customer relations. As such, we believe in inclusivity, encouraging our staff to value everyone’s opinion regardless of their background, and striving to offer products that suit customers from every demographic.


  • Passion

What drives Reyes Room is our enthusiasm for helping our customers use fashion as an outward expression of their inner being and using our products and operations to spread awareness on subjects that contribute to society's positive growth and development.


  • Growth 

We believe in expansion being a measure of success in the industry. Therefore, we are committed to constantly expanding our product range and presence in the market to ensure more customers experience and appreciate our products.